A tutorial on how to clean your fridge

Your fridge must always be clean and well maintained because you don’t want your food to get contaminated by harmful particles such as dirt, dust, bacteria and germs. If you have never clean a refrigerator before then you will like this article because with the help of our friends from Cleaning Services London we have written down a tutorial that will allow you to quickly clean your fridge.

  1. Fridge CleaningTake out all the food from your refrigerator. You must empty your fridge for two reasons: one you will be using cleaning products and therefore don’t want your foods to get in contact with the cleaning products and two an empty fridge is much easier to clean than a full one.

  2. Before you commence the actual fridge cleaning go through your foods and throw away all the foods which are aged, moldy or inedible. Also checked the expiration date of your packed foods and get rid of all foods which are out of date. There is no need on storing such foods because they will do nothing but taint your eatable foods.

  3. Now take out all removal parts from your fridge. Place the removed shelves and drawers near your kitchen sink because at one point or another you will end up washing them before you rearrange them into your refrigerator.

  4. Next get a clean cloth and a cleaning detergent and wipe the interior of your fridge. You can use any type of cleaning detergent expect a toxic or chemically based solution. You should never use chemical or toxic cleansers for the cleaning of your fridge because you will do more harm than good. You can also create your own cleaning detergent by mixing two tablespoons of baking soda to one quart of water.

  5. Fridge CleaningOnce you are done with the interior of your fridge, wipe clean the exterior and don’t forget the back. Lots of people forget to clean the backs of your fridges which is a big mistake because the back is the location of the fridge engine and the more dust it has the less efficiently the engine works.

  6. Continue the fridge cleaning by washing the removal parts that you have removed earlier. You can wash them either by using the cleaning solution with which you have cleaned your fridge or by simply using dishwashing liquid soap and water. Once the shelves and drawers are carefully washed, dry them and put them in place.

  7. Finish the cleaning by putting back your food into your refrigerator.