How To Easily Disinfect And Clean Sponges?

Every household uses sponges whether for cleaning, scrubbing the toilet, or washing the dishes. They are a great tool which makes cleaning easier but, unfortunately, they attract a lot of bacteria which they hold on to.

Replacing sponges is crucial – you can’t use them forever! Using them for a long period of time means that you are spreading germs on the surfaces you clean with that sponge. Also, you are spreading germs on your hands. And even though you have the intention to clean your house – you are actually doing the opposite!

How Often Do I Replace My Sponges?

I usually replace them every two weeks but keep in mind that I clean and disinfect them every few days which is why I am able to hold on to them for so long.

If you don’t clean or disinfect the sponges then please – replace them every week!

How Do I Clean and Disinfect My Sponges?

– I Use Bleach

If you want to clean and disinfect your sponges and be able to use them for longer then bleach is necessary! Dilute bleach with water and soak your sponges in there for 5 minutes. That way all the germs will be removed!

When you take them out of the bleach I recommend you clean them with soapy hot water so that the bleach can be removed completely before using them!

– I Throw Them In The Dishwasher

If you don’t like using bleach and you prefer to stay away from it there is a great alternative – using your dishwasher!

I put them where the utensils are placed. By the time you take your sponges out of the dishwasher, they will be disinfected and clean!