Cleaning Glass-top Stoves

Glass-top Stoves CleaningGlass-top stoves are a sleek, stylish, modern and appeal to your cooking skills. Having said this, they are also notoriously hard to clean properly. Cleaning the glass-top stove to a perfect finish is not about hours of mindless rubbing and scrubbing, but doing the right things at the right time. Here is what you need to know:

-Make sure the stove is switched off, and fully cooled down after cooking. Do NOT spray or apply any cleaning products on a stove which hasn’t cooled down completely. Not following this advice will cause you a ton of headaches.

Important safety tip: If you need to clean the glass-top stove shortly after cooking, but don’t know if the surface is cool enough, do NOT use your hand to check it, but look for the small indicator light which is usually on when the surface is still hot.

Cleaning products and materials you need:

  • special purpose stove top cleaning products;

Alternatively you can use:

  • lemon, baking soda, white vinegar;

The cleaning materials you require are: sponges, microfiber cloth or a soft towel.

Correct cleaning method:

When using baking soda

  • sprinkle bicarb soda directly on the glass surface and let it sit there for a little bit; rub the soda using the sponge and the stains should disappear relatively easy; wash the surface thoroughly using warm water; wipe off any smears and streaks and polish the glass using a soft cotton towel. Find more here: Oven Cleaning Services | London Oven Cleaners.

When using lemon and vinegar

  • Glass-top Stoves Cleaningmix white vinegar and / or lemon juice in a spray bottle and apply the solution generously over the stained glass surface; let it sit there for a minute or so and then wipe off using sponge; repeat the procedure as many times as necessary; remember you have to clean the surface with a damp cloth at the end in order to remove any leftover cleaning product or grime.

Whether or not you should use a special scraper to clean tough stains and burnt on residue from your glass-top stove is a hotly debated topic. Manufacturers usually allow the use of specially designed scrapers, though the risk of damage is present. However, if you feel confident in your manual cleaning skills, you can apply the scraper to great cleaning results. Make sure to pour a generous amount of liquid detergent on the surface when scraping– this will prevent scratches and speed up the process.