Are your cleaning habits actually bad making your home dirtier

Cleaning is not a favorite of anyone, therefore, everyone sometimes tries out to shorten the time they will spend doing it. But this can actually be doing more damage than good. If you have cleaning habits and want to see if they are making your home dirtier then check out the following list and see for yourself.

– Do you use too much cleaning products?

Sometimes we all think that if we use a lot of products, the object we are cleaning is miraculously going to become clean faster. This is indeed a very bad habit that is wasting a lot of product. If you don’t want to buy cleaners as often as you do you might want to cut down the usage a bit. Sometimes less is more and it is unnecessary to put down half a bottle in one go.

Plus, if you use a lot of product it is most likely for you to not be able to rinse it completely leaving behind a residue. We all know that all cleaning products are made out of harsh chemicals.

– Not cleaning your tools

Your cleaning tools also need to be cleaned, and some of them need to be replaced from time to time. When you clean with dirty cloths, sponges, vacuum cleaners, mops, etc. all you are going to do is spread more dirt than your home already has, and the whole act of cleaning will be totally useless.

Take time to carefully clean each cleaning tool you use.

– Using the same cloth or wipe to clean multiple surfaces

Let me give you an example. If you are cleaning something in your bathroom you definitely do not want to immediately go into your kitchen and wipe your kitchen counter or dinner table with that same cloth or wipe.

– Is dusting the last thing you do when cleaning your home?

This is a huge mistake. You never want to leave dusting to be the last thing you do. Just imagine – you have cleaned the floors then you move on to dusting. Where will all of the dust and dirt go? To the floor, you just cleaned. Have you ever heard of the following rule: clean top to bottom. The floor should be the last thing you clean.