5 things you should never vacuum

Aren’t we all so grateful that vacuum cleaners exist? They seem to be able to fix a lot of our messes and it’s the easiest way to clean your home on a daily basis.

But when we are using them, we need to keep a couple of things in mind. There are certain things we should never vacuum because they might damage the cleaner.

– Dead plants

And by dead plants, I mean dead leaves or flowers. They can effortlessly clog the vacuum cleaner which will create a lot of problems to you. And in the end, you will most likely either need to bring it somewhere where the vacuum can be repaired or you will buy a brand new one.

– Liquid

I decided to add this to the list even though to me it seems quite obvious. The dangers of vacuuming liquids are numerous. Starting with the damage you will cause to the machine and ending with the possibilities of it catching on fire.

– Used coffee grounds

Are you making coffee in a coffee maker? You know that sometimes early in the morning you are sleepy and clumsy. You might drop used coffee grounds on the floor, it happens. Do not even think about cleaning them with your vacuum cleaner because they can actually ruin it by clogging pipes.

– Ash

And more specifically fireplace ash. Why not, you might ask. Ash particle is so fine and they might not stay in the bag and get blown out the back of the machine. This means that this will get right into the air that you are breathing in your home.

– Makeup

Vacuuming some eyeshadow, bits of lipstick, bronzer, highlighter might not look like a big deal – but it actually is very bad for your vacuum cleaner. The makeup might melt while it’s inside the vacuum which will cause lots of problems.