5 Cleaning Tricks that will keep your kitchen clean

We all love finding new cleaning tricks, right? They make our lives so much easier since they do indeed cut the cleaning time in half. This is exactly why I decided to combine all of the interesting tricks I have actively incorporated in my kitchen cleaning routine into this article so that you can use them as well!

– Use vinegar to clean your coffee maker

Once a month I fill my coffee maker with vinegar and a little bit of water then run it. Then I fill the coffee maker only with water and run it one more time so that the vinegar is completely removed.

– How I clean my microwave with just water?

I hate cleaning appliances which is why I take care of my microwave using only water. I place a bowl filled with hot water in the appliance and set it to 5 minutes. This will create steam which will not only clean but disinfect the microwave.

– Disinfect your kitchen sponges with your microwave

While we are on the topic of microwaves I must share this little trick I have down my sleeve – place a damp sponge in the microwave and set it to 90 seconds. We all know that kitchen sponges attract a lot of bacteria which is why they need to be replaced so often but this disinfecting trick will kill all the bacteria and will save you some money.

– How to easily clean your blender?

I hate cleaning my blender because of the blades. This is why I discovered an amazing cleaning trick – pour warm water, liquid soap, and some baking soda in the blender then turn it on for a few seconds. After that all you need to do is rinse it!

– Clean your wooden cutting boards with lemon

As we all know wooden cutting boards can’t be thrown in the dishwasher which makes removing their stains a lot harder. Try rubbing some lemon and salt on the stains.